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US Pure ban YTK

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Offender: YTK       Steam | Battlemetrics
Server: US Pure
Time: 4:45 AM EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Harassment
More Info (Optional):

A team reported they had a player sneak into their base behind them upon returning home.  After going to the team, I found YTK inside their base, with the base owners repeatedly asking YTK to leave.  During his time in the base, it was noticed YTK stole items from furnaces and boxes within the players base at which point a warning was issued notifying YTK that theft and player harassment/griefing was against the server rules and to use /rules in chat to review the server rules.  

YTK ran off a short distance and began to attempt to despawn more items they stole from the same team after they were removed from the base.  After dropping these items on the ground, YTK returned to the players base and began sneaking around in an attempt to return to the boxes he stole items from.  When he was caught by the team sneaking around outside, and asked to leave again, YTK refused to do so, and was kicked by myself with a message to "read the rules and rejoin" along with another warning notifying them that player harassment and griefing is against server rules and that they need to abide by the server rules to continue playing on the server.  

After rejoining from their kick, YTK once again returned to the team's base and began using the dancing emote.  After being asked to leave once more by the base owners YTK began to insult the players and call them names over voice chat while claiming they were innocent.  Given their continued refusal to abide by the server rules in the short time they were playing on our server, and continued harassment of players, negatively impacting their enjoyment of the game, a permanent ban was placed on their account. 

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