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US Scourge- Panic platforms


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All players are welcome to join us on US Scourge for 2 rounds of Panic platforms. Sunday 17th September 9pm eastern

This event is a Free-for-all style and the goal is to knock your opponent’s down out of the twig platforms. Everyone will start at the top of the structure and players will slowly fall. So Stay high, keep moving and stay off the walls. The winners will be the last standing on twig (last to fall) of each round.

- Players will be given a set of weapons, use them wisely.
- If you hit the spikes or aren't on a twig platform you are out.

1st Round winner: $5 RustEZ store credit
runner up Round 1: $2.50 RustEZ store credit

2nd Round winner: $5 RustEZ store credit
runner up Round 2: $2.50 RustEZ store credit


We will have a pvp match afterwards for fun.

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