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US Pure Ban - Greggz

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Offender: Greggz     Battlemetrics     Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 11:39 am Eastern
Length: Permanent 
Reason: Griefing/Harassing/Stealing

More Info (Optional):

Upon joining Greggz started to show toxic behavior and gameplay. 
They were muted after becoming insulting towards other players. After their mute was issued a console warning was sent to inform the player of their mute as well as educate the player on our server rules and urge the player to type /rules in chat to avoid future warnings or ban from our servers.

Greggz went to an online players base who had their door open and entered it running up their tower to steal the players attack helicopter. 
Greggz flew the attack helicopter away from the players base and was kicked from our server with instruction to read our rules before rejoining.

Another console warning was issued to inform and make clear that raiding, stealing, harassing and griefing of players, bases as well as modes of transport are all against the rules and bannable offences. Player Informed that ANY further rule infractions will lead to a permanent ban from our servers being placed. 

Immediately upon re-entering our server Greggz went back to the player he stole the transport from and went to steal another. 

Greggz showed no regard for the servers rules and the negative impact their actions and gameplay was having on the player they stole from. 
Greggz had ample opportunity and chances to adhere to the server rules and become a valued member of our rule abiding community but chose to blatantly disregard the rules and earn themselves a permanent ban from our wonderful community and servers.

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