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US Pure ban- Victormtz34

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Offender: Victormtz34      Steam | battlemetrics
Server: US Pure
Time: 12:02 AM EST
Length: Perm
Reason: Griefing
More Info (Optional):

on 9/2/22 Victor was warned for accessing a player's inventory and base and stealing items that did not belong to them.  Victor was sent a console warning informing them that raiding, stealing from players inventories, deployables and modes of transport are all against the rules. Player was urged to type /rules in chat and to familiarize themselves with the rules of the server.

on 9/3/22 it was also discovered that victor had taken over another player's base as well in conjunction with their prior warning on 9/22

on 9/4/22 Victor was kicked from the server with a console warning asking them once again to read and become familiar with the rules of the server if they would like to keep playing on our servers. 

on 4/14/23 Victor was found to have TC'd off over 6 grid squares of unused land in an attempt to grief other players, some of whose bases he had surrounded with tc's.  At that time Victor was sent a console warning informing the player that blocking off large areas of land is against the rules and the numerous TC;s and platforms that spread across 6 grids will have to be removed.

on 10/6/23 a player notified admins that a player had TC'd off one of the custom monuments on the map, causing the puzzle components to not function for anyone else, as well as surrounding the area to power the monument with foundations connected to the TC.  My investigation revealed this base belonged to Victor.  After a review of victor's history on our server showing a continued pattern of actions that negatively affect the gameplay of others, as well as regularly using building parts and TC's to grief other players, a permanent ban was placed on their account.  

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