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US Pure ban- Bilbo

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Offender: Bilbo
Server: US Pure
Time: 10:38PM EST
Length: 3 day
Reason: Monument camping/griefing
More Info (Optional):

On 2/9/23 Bilbo was spoken to verbally about an oversized TC ring around their base claiming more land than they were using right next to bandit camp.  Player was informed of the rules regarding builds and claiming area, as well as the rules pertaining to TC's.  After our conversation the player willfully reduced their TC ring to a size that brought it in line with the server rules. 

on 6/9/23 Bilbo was observed camping launch site for a good amount of time.  Another admin posted a PSA reminding players that camping monuments was against the server rules and that they should either loot around the area or run the monument instead of waiting for event spawns.  Bilbo ignored this PSA and continued to camp until bradley spawned at which point the player killed the bradley and a console warning was issued again reminding them of the monument camping rules. 

on 7/7/23 Bilbo was once again console warned for an oversized TC ring that blocked off large amounts of unused land, as well as allowed players to build within their tc ring and base.  The warning reminded bilbo that blocking off large areas of land with TC's was against the rules and that they would need to reduce the size of their TC ring to bring their build in line with server rules. 

on 8/4/23 Bilbo was warned for building a base all the way across a river and preventing watercraft access for their neighbors.  Bilbo was reminded of our server rules regarding blocking waterways and the need to allow safe passage for watercraft unless it's in an area where watercraft cannot reasonably traverse. 

on 10/13/23 Bilbo was found to have cleared and fueled GEP, then logged off (in their base, not a d/c) shortly thereafter.  While attempting to use the GEP myself i was met with two outputs full of metal frags from the previous user which i revealed to be bilbo.  This production was left in the outputs of GEP for over 5 hours preventing other players from running the excavator themselves without risking a theft warning via clearing the outputs to allow the GEP to run.  

Given the continued lack of consideration for other players on the server, and disregard for warnings and requests to become familiar with the server rules in the past, a temporary 3 day ban was placed on Bilbo's account in an attempt to curb further poor behavior that negatively affects other players on the server. 

(Screenshots available upon request)

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I want to emphasize that my actions were not intended to disrupt other players' experiences, nor was it my intention to prevent them from using the GEP. To provide some context, I have not been playing the game as frequently recently, and I assumed that the server rules and gameplay mechanics were consistent with the previous wipe. I had no prior knowledge that clearing the outputs of the GEP could result in a theft warning.

I would like to express my willingness to cooperate and make amends for this situation. If I had been aware that my actions were causing such a problem, I would have acted differently to ensure that the GEP was accessible to other players promptly.

Given this additional information and my lack of prior knowledge regarding this particular server rule, I kindly request that you reconsider the ban on my account. I am committed to maintaining a positive gaming experience for myself and the community and will make every effort to adhere to the rules and guidelines set forth by the team moving forward.

I am eager to resume playing the game with a clear understanding of the rules and expectations, and I hope that we can work together to resolve this issue.

I am consistently helping the players in the rustez community and on the website, and I would to continue working with community in the future.

In the context of this incident, I never had any intention of causing grief or disrupting the gameplay of other users. The term "monument camping" and " griefing" typically implies that a player is intentionally and maliciously preventing others from accessing key in-game locations, which was not my intent. I was simply unaware of the potential implications of my actions, as I explained in my previous communications.


I would like to address the claim that my actions demonstrated a "lack of consideration"  I believe that my gaming history and interactions within the RustEZ community provide evidence of my commitment to being a considerate and helpful member. I support new players, share knowledge, assist others with in game help, and i'm very generous to all. Nothing is intentional on my end, and i'm not greifing others, just lack of server understanding, which is easily fixed.

Throughout my time in the RustEZ community, I have consistently strived to act with consideration for other players.


Sincerely,  Bilbo





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Hello bilbo, thanks for participating in the appeals process.  

While i understand that the instancing being removed from giant excavator is a new happening for this month, the admin team has also been posting regular PSA's reminding players of that since wipe day.  I also asked and provided roughly 45 minutes of time in game for the player leaving items in the excavator output (with players waiting to use it) to come collect it before investigating to see what was going on as we understand some people may complete other tasks while they wait for GE to run and could forget about it, however this was over 5 hours after you had logged off, blocking the GE from other players to use for a quarter of the day.  


Typically this would still be a warning or speaking to, however as noted in the original post, this is your fifth warning in 9 months for engaging in activity that impacts the gameplay of others in a negative way.  When considering all the circumstances here, including the severity of the infraction(s), your attitude in game, and how players are/were affected, the temporary ban was chosen as the best course of action to try to correct this behavior and to hopefully see you continue on our server as a rule abiding asset to the community upon it's expiration.  


The temporary ban will not be lifted, and will expire as planned in just under 36 hours from now.  Please take this time to review and become familiar with the server rules and we look forward to having you back tomorrow evening!


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