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monument camping?

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To A3/0SClAUAN, 

I am writing to appeal a recent 2 day ban that was imposed on my in-game account for alleged "monument camping." I would like to clarify that I do not engage in such activities as described in the ban notice, and I would appreciate further clarification regarding the specific incident that led to my ban.

To the best of my knowledge and in line with the rules and guidelines set forth in the game, I have never sat and waited for "Brad" to respawn. I value the integrity of the gaming community and strive to play the game fairly and in accordance with your policies. My base is located near Brad, like several other players. I may take brad down a few times a day, but I do ensure fairness and make sure others have the opportunity as well. I have also helped several others take down brad, while offering them the majority of the loot.

I kindly request that you provide additional information on how I was alleged to have engaged in monument camping during the incident. Providing more details will enable me to understand the situation better and ensure that I do not inadvertently repeat any actions that may have led to this misunderstanding.

I always ensure others have the chance to take part in brad when I do arrive, I help others in the community and the server.



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