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Warning Appeal US Scourge

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I appeal my warning on US Scourge server. I spawned inside a wall base and saw a place they did not place a wall so I built a base there and left a path if someone spawned inside base too. I got a warning from meatvirus for building where I could.

I thought you can have a base where you can build. The wall base has a lock on the gate so without a hole I could not get out.  The wall base has hoards of tcs outside of it and make me build on shore. They have foundations with nothing on them to block other buildings.

I am Armadillo.





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  • Staff

Hey Armadillo, thanks for bringing this to our attention, i'll take a look into this.
It's not a great idea to build inside another players walled area. As we have a kit in scourge it is possible to use the suicide option to respawn in a different location for next time. I agree that allowing passage is important in this location. I'll check over the tc's and see if it belongs to the same player, thanks for letting us know.

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