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Net worth sink


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Once players figure out the meta around farming net worth, it's pretty easy to get an absolute insane amounts that you just cannot spend on anything even if you try really, really hard.

What if there was something that will make players dump a lot of net worth on? But what could that be? The only thing that comes to my mind are items from rustez store, or at least some of them.

Before the "oh he just wants the paid stuff for free" kind of comments, hear me out.

It has worked out wonderfully for the game such as Warframe which makes it so that nothing is behind a paywall and you can obtain it all if you play enough. That studio is doubling in size and making another game on top of still developing this one. So it's not that cut and dry, people getting a taste of how those things work makes some consider spending money on them in the future.

So, with that in mind, what IF there was a slight chance for a test generator or a pumpjack to show up in /shop like once or twice a wipe and cost an absolute bonkers amount of net worth? 100-200k for test generator, double that for a pumpjack, with a limit of buying one per player. Other items as well, pricing could be figured out with ease since the point of it is a sink.

Result is:
-more players get to engage with those items and try them, some may like them enough to consider buying them next wipe or upgrading that one pumpjack they get

-net worth becomes way more valuable 

I do not think it would reduce any rustez store sales because people who want to have those things will not waste time waiting for RNG to have mercy on them and give that item in /shop, but on the other hand it may just increase sales through more people trying stuff out. It will for sure boost engagement with the net worth, 100%.

Because as is, on scourge you get like 400k+ a wipe easily on scourge if you know what you are doing and two wipes in you are pretty much done with it. I like the concept of it, I just feel like there could be more to it. I think it's pretty balanced in terms of how much sulfur/frags you have to dump into net worth in order to get one gun from the /shop, just the other side of it is that players will always look for a meta and dedicated players will sure get crazy amount.

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Death is not a Rust developer. And even though he has collaborated with FacePunch on certain game aspects, he is not in a position to be getting freebies from FacePunch.

Renting, upgrading, and maintaining the EZ servers costs actual money, REAL money, and the money has to come from somewhere. That is the main reason for the store, and memberships. It's all well and good to say things like "slight chance" and such, and give away goodies to a great community, but money is needed to keep the servers going. The same amount of cash, month in, month out. Then add the thousands of dollars Death spends on new hardware for server upgrades that are required from time to time. Then there is all the time he has spent creating a whole library of plugins, of which you will not see on any other Rust server.

No intention to be demeaning, but Death needs all the dollars he can get. He has stated on many occasions all the money generated from the store goes back into the servers & community. Can anyone really grasp/appreciate exactly how much money has been spent on the EZ servers since their creation in 2017?

Sometimes I feel like some people need to stop and REALLY appreciate what Death has done here. The EZ Community is a unique oasis of friendliness in an entire desert of toxic Rust servers, and it is all entirely thanks to Death.

This is an absolutely hard no from me.

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1) I do not think you've even read the post, your response contradicts that being a possibility

2) I do not think you have a vague understanding of what I wrote, not even on the same continent

3) I do think you show even lower understanding of game monetization and range of how that works on a scale larger than one player, for such people I've used an example of a F2P game you can download and play and see for your self and see what I'm talking about. You seem to have refused to do that too despite me listing a game that has over 100k players online at all times across all platforms.

So instead of talking a lot about generic things that we all understand, I would really appreciate you giving at least somewhat of a decent effort to understand what I wrote in there

As per my original post, this proposal only can make this server make MORE money, not less. At worst money will be the same but with better engagement because of net worth sink. Higher engagement means more money. 2 birds with one stone, boost engagement and make more money. It's a slight chance PER PERSON, but there's more than one person per server. It stacks up and levels out to being an increase which is why proposed comparison to Warframe was used. They had things locked like this but since they unlocked it - they started getting more money and they kept going that way. And are now purchased by EPIC, are getting close to 1000 people under their roof.

That monetization method works, you not knowing about it does not change that.

Net worth sink needs to happen anyway and will happen sooner or later, this is just one proposal.

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I have been a member of the EZ Community since 2019.

I was a Head Admin for one server for 3 years, plus Head Admin for another server for 9 months, concurrently. I have had much interaction with Death and Leadership over that time. I have trained new admins, one of which has since become part of Leadership, and 2 more that are now current Head Admins. From them, I have learnt much about what goes on in the background of the EZ Community; Things that the average player, like you, will never know.

I don't give a flying F about a F2P game like Warframe. I care about the EZ Community, which is not F2P. A F2P game has a completely different method for generating income than Rust, or any other purchased game.

This community is not about game monetization. And you are comparing an entire game's playerbase to a single community from another. Stop comparing apples and oranges.

And don't be so rude to people who disagree with your ideas.

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For RustEZ - Rust is as good as F2P game because it has no income from Facepunch. For Death or any other server owner - Rust is a F2P game. Which is shown with server shops like this one, typical F2P game shops with skins and flashy items, all sorts of subscription models. It's a typical F2P monetization for all the servers, it applies 1-1. lol

I was not rude one bit, I was being honest. Which you confirmed with your statement further - you do not understand how game monetization works and you refuse to understand it - it's not an insult, I merely stated the obvious and now I repeated what you said. Training admins has nothing to do with game development or game design so I'm not sure what that has to do with anything..... But cool, I'm happy it works for you, that's great!

And this is not only about monetization, it's also about one of the key elements of this server which is net worth and the fact that after 1-2 wipes of doing it right there's little to no reason to ever engage with that system. Which makes it flawed from both player retention standpoint, and with it a monetary standpoint.

You focused your critique of this idea to a such a minute part of it and took it waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of context that I could not help but say that you missed my point by a light year.

Which is again, I'm not rude, you are just acting weird here. I don't care who you are or who you play with, honestly, I could not care any less if you can't take a minute to give it a half decent attempt to understand what I wrote. Even after I corrected you fair and square - you gave it your upmost strength to refuse to understand any of it while flaunting how you do not wish you understand any of it  - but you are all against it.

So nothing I can say apart from - have a good one and I hope our next conversation is a more fruitful one for either of the parties! Cheers!

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  • Staff

If a pumpjack and test gens were on the /shop and cost a crazy amount of networth it would lead to players chasing even more insane amounts of networth than they currently do.

Currently it is like warframe, if you have the time and work hard enough you can max/min networth without these items; You can run the public pumpjacks, the public quarries, giant excavator, private quarries(survival only), drink teas combined with max skill and hit up nodes and scrap, farm hemp and run the monuments for the loot. There's also nothing wrong with this, if you have the time and put it in you deserve to be rewarded.
I think this idea would add extra low grade fuel, crude, diesel and excavator amounts to flood the market devaluing those items and leading to less players being online and doing things.

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