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Its been a year i since banned over profanity i yelled over a building altercation

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permanently removing me from my fav server is ridiculous considering the situation i was in its been over a year all i did was yell profanity at another player while he was harrasing me over my building foundations proximity admin Jedidrift seems to be friends with the 10-13 year old individual who kept trolling me thus my previous appeal was ignored over personal bias heres the link to my previous appeal 


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  • Staff

Thank you for appealing this ban. I've looked into the notes and discussed your ban with the team.
I understand the situation you found yourself in at the time was not ideal. However in your response to the situation you took it upon yourself (use of homophobic slur) instead of getting admin help. Our rules clearly state: no chat/mic spam, harassment or player disrespect. Our rules are in place to ensure a friendly and safe environment for everyone, including yourself.
The incident occurred in april of this year and it appears more time for reflection is needed.
I'm very sorry this outcome is not what you were hoping for. We do not make these decisions lightly and hope this will be a learning experience moving forward.
The ban will not be lifted at this time.

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