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Need clarification on a rule.

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I am very aware of the rule that a player cannot claim land they do not intend to use. When I built my starter base, I figured I need room for that, my heli tower, heli landing pad, 2 quarries, 1 pumpjack and a shop. I didn't take up any more area than I felt I needed. An admin that I like very much approached me and told me I need to remove most of my TCs in case other players wanted to build near a river. I explained that I intended to use all the area I claimed, but was still instructed to remove TCs. I did not want to argue with a rule I felt I was correct about, so I logged off and decided to ask here what my rights are for claiming land I intend to use.


Thank you,



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I was informed by three different admins on a different RustEZ server that I was in the right and had perfect rights to claim the land I did on AU Survival. Incidentally, I claimed the exact same area on their server, and three admins said it was absolutely no problem. I will be returning to AU Survival to reclaim my original area, and anyone has taken over my property, I will respectfully ask that they be evicted. 


Thanks to the admins I dealt with. Very knowledgeable and sensible.



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There is the rule: "no claiming large amounts of unused land", however during my tenure as an admin, I found that rule was widely misunderstood. 

As it was explained to me by both Aurora and Granny, that rules is to stop players claiming large amounts of land just for a 'buffer' from neighbours. It's a public server, learn to share and cooperate with other players.

However, that rule does not apply when claiming land with TCs, as you did, with the intentions of developing it.

I generally allowed 24hrs for land to be developed (start building with twig, it's not hard), before approaching the player and asking their intentions. I also took into consideration real life commitments players have, such as school and work, and allowed extra time accordingly. But eventually the player would need to either develop, or remove the TCs. Again, not hard to start building. 

I also took into account excessively large builds, or pointless structures that wasted land, but that was another issue.


TLDR: you should have been given some time to develop the land before being told to remove TCs.

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Just to clarify, we are talking about an entire river, which was claimed. There would have been no issue if the area claimed was behind the top of the river where the building has been already built. As Postanou has stated above, we are a community server and there are only so many rivers for people on these maps. Claiming the entire river for 1 person so they could put industry there just seems unfair to the other players on this server, when industry and heli towers can be placed in other locations.

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  • Staff

Hi Chinaski,

Thanks for reaching out to clarify this matter.

The server rules that are accessible by typing /rules into chat state:


5️⃣ No blocking water ways, building around monuments or large areas of land.

This differs slightly from what is also available when typing /info and clicking the Prev button:


6️⃣ Blocking waterways, surrounding monuments, or monopolizing large areas of land is prohibited.

7️⃣ Avoid excessive building. Buildings that cause performance issues for others may be required to downsize.

You are correct in saying that Tool Cupboards (TCs) placed to cover a large area do not constitute a breach of these rules, however - as stated previously in this thread - we ask that any TCs placed purely for the purpose of excluding others from occupying a space be removed after 24 hours.

This should provide ample time to construct what you require out of twig, or place Quarries/Pumpjacks.

This incident does not warrant any form of formal warning being applied to you, and you are free to build as you please on the server, within the aforementioned limits.

In future, please reach out to EZ staff directly or use the help section of the forums if you have any queries on this matter.

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Thank you admins. You have all clarified that I had the right to claim the area of land I did. I did not block the river way, and I claimed the amount of land I felt I needed. There are three other rivers right near me if another player would like to build near one, and there are 8 rivers total on this map. I understand the rule, "No claiming large areas of land" is very vague and open to interpretation, but over the years, I've heard this rule  being discussed with multiple admins because it causes so much confusion. I think the line "you do not intend to use" should be added to this rule.


I will carry on building on the land I originally claimed, and hope you all have excellent wipes.







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One more thing I wanted to mention is like I already stated, I claimed this same area of land on a different server. After doing so, I saw a player building on shore near me. I approached them to say hi, but they kind of backed off me. In chat, I wrote, "I'll pull my two TCs near your base", and proceeded to do so, opening up a huge area for them to expand on. You can check the chat logs. Should be the first thing typed in chat this wipe (EU Survival) That last thing I said to them in chat was "neighbor", showing them I was friendly and just trying to let them know, I had no problem with them building there. 

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  • Staff

If you're happy to remove tc's when a player builds nearby then the tc's probably aren't needed there in the first place. We ask that players build in areas they have tc claimed. Claiming large areas of land is just that. Players who intend to build in the land usually do so within this time.

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