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Multiple Griefing Offenses On EU Survival

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Last night, I had to call admins on EU Survival, because my neighbor griefed my main base by placing a TC so I couldn't build.  Three admins came, investigated, checked everything, clearly saw the player was griefing me and removed the TC. Later on I saw the same player griefed my base with spikes, and again, I had to report this to an admin. I never even asked the payer's name and told the admins I didn''t care. I was going to be a good neighbor. I replaced my TC after they left because my base was no longer building blocked. As I was the first player on EU Survival after wipe. ALL my TCs were placed before this player's TCs except the one he forced me to move by griefing me.


I signed in to EU Survival just now, and saw I died and my base was gone, and my griefing neighbor took over my area. As I was looking around, the player began shooting at me from his base. Really a nice person, I'll tell you. Finally they came down and tried giving me something and I told them to speak to me in chat so it can be recorded. They refused. I told them to remove their TCs near my area, and pointed which ones to remove. I told them the admins already had two griefing reports on them and I didn't want to have to report them. They remained silent and refused to talk to me. 

The last thing I want to do is cause trouble on these servers, but this player and his multiple attempts to grief me out of the area I claimed just minutes after wipe (I teleported to HQ quarry) is beyond the rules of RustEZ. I never reported them after their griefing last night and I regretfully report them now. 


Again, If this is resolved per RustEZ rules, I am happy to live next to this player and will be perfectly amiable to all my neighbours. I would, however, ask that this player be banned for 8 days so that his base and multiple TCs are allowed to disappear. They can rebuiild after that.


Thank you,




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Please make sure the EU Survival team is aware this player griefed me twice, lied to an admin about who was there first in order to remove my base. This killed me, erased my base, and deleted all my belongings. This player also shot at me. If these are all against the RustEZ rules, I expect a harsh punishment, especially for lying to admins. Thank you, Lord Yeoldmort.

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How can a player remove my TC? I figured they lied to an admin to get it removed. I thought that would be the only way. If the player somehow removed it, that's an even more egregious event.  I just assumed an admin removed it for them. This player knows I was there first because they griefed me. If they told an admin anything else, that's lying to an admin. 

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I don't mean to be bothersome, but it's now day three of wipe, and the player that first claimed land on your server is still being griefed and blocked from building by the same player that has been griefing me and preventing me from playing on your server since the start of wipe.


Here is an aerial view of my base in the exact same area on AU Survival. You can see my TC was placed atop the rock so I could build there. This land now has the griefer's TC on it. I need every one of this player's external TCs removed before I can begin building and playing on your server. I hope my other TCs do not get removed by admins or this griefing player. I cannot play on this server until this complaint is settled and this player's TCs are all removed. I'm handcuffed right now by the griefer that shot at me, killed me, robbed me, and destroyed my entire base.


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  • Staff

Hi Chinaski,

Unfortunately at this time we do not have sufficient evidence to action a punishment for this situation or be able to see exactly what caused your loss. No admins have removed your base as that does not follow the set out protocols of admining the server and there is no proof that your neighbour had a hand in it vanishing. If you have any evidence available to prove that you correctly secured the location, we'd be happy to review it. 

If you wish to continue playing on the server, I recommend building at a different location on the map considering your existing issues with your neighbour.

Just as an FYI you were the 12th person to join the server.

Kind regards

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What you wrote is absolutely not true at all. The previous day, three different admins visited my base, determined this player was griefing me, removed their TC, and told me the TCs I had placed were perfectly okay.


Three admins have already determined this player was griefing me, and have already settled this case.


After they settled the case, this player somehow removed the TC that the three admins helped me reclaim. It seems that these three admins were not even consulted with, as they could tell you this player took over my area by removing my TC. I would like one of those admins to come in and tell me why this griefer is still being allowed to grief my area, as all three are very knowledgeable and sensible, and understand what happened here.


If griefing players with TCs and floor spikes is okay, and shooting at other players is okay, and figuring out how to remove other players TCs and killing, robbing and destroying property of other players is okay, these rules should be updated on the RustEZ website. Until then I will play by these rules with my neighbour, seeing there is no punishment. 


Thank you very much,



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  • Staff

Ok so you don't seem to understand.

1, The knowledgable Admins conducted the investigation into this issue for you. No proof of further griefing was found therefore no punishment will be handed out (punishments would follow server protocol, not player suggestions). There is no evidence the player in question did destroy your base nor in a PVE server is this possible without leaving a trace.

2, Admins dealt with the initial issue of the TC, The floor spike were not dealt with as all that happened when the admin attended was you passed them floor spikes. There was again no proof of griefing in this and as you had the floor spikes in your possession no "owner" of placed entity could be defined by admins.

3, As far as can be seen no rules of Rustez have been broken as you suggest they have been so no editing of rules is required. I have no issues understanding the aspects of the complaint and the original complaint you made in server.

As said in my previous reply, If you wish to continue playing on the server, I recommend building at a different location on the map considering your existing issues with your neighbour. 

Retaliation to an unproven accusation is not wise and may cause issue with your good standing within the community as per server protocols.


Thanks and have a Rusty day!

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