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Still unable to connect to ANY RustEZ servers...


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I've been unable to connect to any Rust EZ servers for months now..,  I used to be an avid & regular player & guest here...
Absolutely loved the servers & logged MANY a hours into playing here only for one day all servers just refused to connect & the admins & such here none of them could figure out why...funny thing is I can still connect through a VPN which is awfully strange but I can't play with a VPN because the connection is to slow...I can connect through a VPN but way to much lag that way.

I've just tried checking to see if the issue has been fixed yet & it has not.

Just continually keep getting a "Disconnected: Connection Attempt Failed" error when trying to connect to any RustEZ server...
Does ANYone have ANY idea as to why this is happening???

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Hey, sorry to hear this is still an issue for you, i know we went through quite alot of checking alot a few months back. Nothing from our end would have changed. Even banned players can connect, they promptly are kicked and a ban message appears after every attempt.

With rust started open the f1 console then tab back to the connect page and copy link on the connect button to the server you wish to join.
You'll get steam://connect/
type in client.connect and then ctrl v to paste in the above link, then edit it removing the steam://connect/ part so it's
Map will say 'New Amsterdam' but will load up US Scourge. Replace the IP with server you'd like to connect to.

If you can connect through using a VPN it might be worth using something like norton 360, alot of extra stuff in it as well but their vpn's are really good. Free VPN's are known to be rubbish and the further you are from a city the worse they are.

  • Make sure your Steam is up to date and you are not using a Beta version of it
  • Run a virus scan on your PC
  • Get current on windows updates/security software & restart the computer
  • Make sure EAC isn't being blocked by your security software/firewall
  • Power-cycle your modem/router
  • Try a different type of connection/VPN if possible (wired vs. wifi)
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