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Interim RustEZ Raidable player bases


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I know that the latest we heard on this, Death wants to create something like a custom monument.

Until something like that can be done, there is a simpler (coding wise) way to entertain players looking for something to raid.


Theoretically it should be possible to scan all the items within a TC protected building privilige area for their total value in Networth.

Allow players to sell their base, including all present sellable black market items to enable a script of some sort that allows others (except the one who sold it to prevent double earning of networth) to do damage to that base. In short, the items in the base will remain, the seller will just get the value in Networth (possibly discounted to say 75% or 50% of the value you'd get if you sold everything 1 by 1.)

Basically what I envision is the following:


Player hits the "Enable Raid" option added to the TC menu. A script will run to calculate the value of networth inside the TC's loot protection area. The seller verifies he wants to enable and gets say 50% of the Networth value, and gets locked out of the base, removing authorizations for them and any others authorized, and allowing other players to damage and loot it. (Should work with some of the coding from the old plugin that allowed players to damage those Garrisons, but not player bases, possibly the builder's ID will have to be removed from the entities placed)

An announcement will show in global chat: "Player 'insert playername' has enabled Raiding on their base in Grid X# valued at $##### credits! Get going!"

Players will try their best to raid the hell out of it. Fun all around.


In addition, the same script could be added to the 7 day Inactivity Purge. Once the 7 full days are up, the base becomes raidable. (The discounted networth value could potentially be added to the inactive player's account)


The above will most likely inspire others to build nice bases and fill it up with loot for others to raid. It should also help a lot with player retention.



I'd love to hear what others think of this idea.😊



Kind regards,

Rohan of EU Scourge

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I prefer Raidable Bases to be created at specific intervals or through purchases. However, the system you mentioned could be attractive as well. For instance, generating income by selling components and scraps in the /shop or by selling the entire base (selling everything in the storage for profit) could be a viable method to create Raidable Bases. However, there is a concern about whether the person raiding the base will own it. What if a player repeatedly raids their own base to gain profits? There should be a cooldown period, and once the time is completed, the base should disappear.

Perhaps players who wish to activate this feature could do so within the last 3 days before a wipe. Instead of deleting the homes of players who haven't logged in for 7 days, it might be nice if their bases become raidable.

I suggest following the logic of ready-made plugins for Raidable Bases used in other PVE servers. This approach aligns well with the PVE concept, where action is not heavily sought, and there is minimal engagement in PVP conflict. Having commands like /raidme and /buyraid could add a colorful touch to the PVE spirit, in my opinion.

EDIT: It could be beneficial to use existing player bases as examples for Raidable Bases. There is a plugin available that allows you to copy bases as they are using the /copy command. Additionally, an event could be organized for sharing base examples. Fortify application can also be used for designing bases.

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Raidable bases plugin isn't up for consideration as Death wants all his plugins to be made inhouse. 🤷‍♂️


As for the player raiding their own base, please re-read. 🙂  "a script of some sort that allows others (except the one who sold it to prevent double earning of networth)"

Ownership has to be removed exactly for that reason, though more ways to exploit it might happen.


it doesn't have to have all sorts of fluff and special effects from the start. This is just to tide things over until something more solid can be developed. This theoretically just runs on stuff that's already there.

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