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The Cow says goodbye!


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Hello sexy people,
Just wanted to let you guys know that after three (THREEE) years of playing on EU Pure its time for me to close the lights after this wipe. Due to the changes so many core players left that I cared so deeply about and the server isn't what it was a few months ago anymore. Its not only the changes, its the players that really gave that social aspect to the game to me that is missing now.

The server is dead right now, which is because its not ranked unmodded for now. I know it will be from january and new players will join. But i'm from "the old squad" and was core player for a long time. I always said "I will play here till the server ends!"... and sad but true it did for me now. 

Time for a new chapter.

I deeply want to thank all the admins that I met, all the cool experiences with players and the nice chats in voice or text. It was an awesome time and I deeply enjoyed the server - with the old now gone unique selling points it had. Now its just another "empty vanilla server" and that is sadly not what I'm looking for.

It was a blast, thank you all. One last time sexy people: Thats me out! Enjoy your sessions and stay awesome!!

Bye, bless your hearts and stay rustique!! 😄

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