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US Pure ban- ChatGPT

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Offender: ChatGPT     Battlemetrics | Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 11:34AM EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Griefing
More Info (Optional):

On 12/16 Admins were called to assist a player who had their mode of transportation (a modular vehicle with a camper) stolen.  The player who was stolen from spawned on their camper and found themselves locked inside another player's base.  Upon investigation it was discovered that ChatGPT had damaged the vehicle enough to remove the lock, then stole the vehicle, parking it within their base.  ChatGPT was warned that damaging players modes of transportation and stealing were against the rules, and to use /rules in chat to bring up the server rules and become familiar with them as further occurrences could lead to a ban from our server. 

This morning, while investigating a sign with a racial slur painted on it, it was discovered that ChatGPT had also painted a penis on that same sign (which was owned by another player) and was warned that Player disrespect/harassment, Pornographic, Sexist, Homophobic, Political, Racist and Controversial Content is not allowed on Rust EZ.  Again, ChatGPT was asked to type /rules in chat to become familiar with the server rules so they could continue playing on our servers.  in each instance the warnings were sent in English and Chinese to ensure the player had every opportunity to continue as a rule abiding member of our community.  

shortly afterwards while observing ChatGPT I watched him modify the name of a player's sleeping bag to a homophobic slur.  Given the short amount of time since their last warning outlining this same type of behavior not being acceptable, and their continued impact on other players enjoyment of our server, a permanent ban was placed on their account.  

screenshots available upon request. 

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