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AU Scourge Christmas Maze


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Ho ho ho everyone! We are inviting you to visit the RustEZ (AU) Scourge server to see our 20 story Christmas tree and multi-level decorated Christmas maze that starts on the ground floor and finishes at the top!  Head over to (AU) Scourge at grid S5|T5 on the frozen lake to take a look at this festive spectacle!  There might even be a special bonus guest there for you to see when you enter

We are also running timed speed runs and there will prizes for whoever holds the fastest three times at the end of wipe.  We’ll try to keep the times updated often.

Some extra info:
•    The build is in the snow but has furnaces, bring clothes.
•    Bring med sticks and food.
•    There are no dead ends, it is essentially a giant tunnel.
•    Some jumping and/or crouching involved but nothing impossible.
•    When you arrive at the entrance to the Christmas tree, wait for all garage door skins to load before proceeding inside.  The doors all being loaded will indicate that all the skins inside are probably loaded as well.
•    Timed runs must be attended and recorded by an (AU) Scourge admin. Best time so far is 09m48s!

We hope we’ll see you there! It's open to anyone so if you wish to bring friends from your respective servers go for it!


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