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Rubber-Banding / Lag Solutions (not a critique)

Theodore Baggins

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I've noticed that Rust will have issues when I try to move fast in complex areas where the map hasn't drawn in everything yet or there is complex physics (i.e. multiple helis and explosions, etc.) However, the server seems to keep up; for example, on the train, I will always travel the right distance at high speed, it just might not be smooth. 

My first question is, given that the server seems to be performing as expected, is this a client-side issue? If so, how can I improve the experience? I have 64GB of RAM, but Rust is only using 16 of that. My graphics card and CPUs are nowhere near max—even my VRAM isn't hitting the 12GB limit that it used to. 

It's worth noting that the hardware is old workstation: 2x quadcore xeon's that are at 3.6 max, but a decade old, and an Titan XP. I've also considered that there may simply be limits on the IPC or RAM speed. So I understand the answer could be, you need to get something newer. But the fact that it uses precisely 16GB of RAM while no cores are pinned and the GPU is at 40% is really odd to me. (and thermals are even lower than workstations' standards)

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Yeah Theodore it would seem this Xmas update/event is kinda rough. My game has been pretty choppy the whole wipe, compared to let's say the 2 previous ones. At first I thought it was because I was on US Survival, since there are lots of big "industrial" builds and such, plus thousands of potential skins to load in. But I went back to playing on Pure for the last couple of days, and it's better sure, but still kinda choppy. This whole wipe I've been getting "delays", something I've never had issues with before. Like from time to time I'll perform an action and it won't register for a second or so.

Facepunch has gone a little crazy this year with all the DLCs and other additions. The more they add, the rougher it's gonna be for those of us with "lesser" PCs. Feels like they're shooting themselves in the foot somewhat. This is an old game, and usually the older a game the more casual players there are. Players who don't necessarily have the best rig. If they keep this up they might make they're own game inaccessible to a lot of players.

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