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US Pure ban- Cursed

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Offender: Cursed    Battlemetrics | Steam
Server: US Pure 
Time: 6:02 AM EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Griefing
More Info (Optional): 

While travelling around the map this morning checking in on things, I happened across a player's base with a significant amount of twig that looked out of place.  logs revealed these structures belonged to Cursed who was not teamed with or otherwise associated with the owner of the base.  After cleaning up the players base, a warning was sent to Cursed in English and French explaining our rules on player and base griefing and asking them to use /rules in chat to bring up the server rules and become familiar with them.  

after departing this base i then came across 4 more bases Cursed had built onto in relatively short order.  After clearing these off for the base owners and to prevent others from exploiting the structures, i decided to look into things significantly deeper as this appeared to be a much more widespread issue.  After making my way around the map to items associated with Cursed, I eventually ended up removing 61 entities from around 20 different players bases around the map.  

Given Cursed's short time on our server, and to prevent another significant wave of player disruption in the event they ignored their prior warning, I made the decision to place a permanent ban on their account. 

Screenshot 2023-12-26 044030.png

Screenshot 2023-12-26 044104.png

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