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US Pure December MAZE!

a 3/0 sc lauan

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Join us on US Pure for the December maze! 

Located in the desert at F10 on US Pure, this month's maze once again provides a challenge to new participants and veterans alike! 

To run the maze, simply walk up to the entrance and find the correct button to push that will let you enter! rinse and repeat throughout the maze until you find your way to the exit! this maze has no tricks, traps, parkour, or combinations, simply find the button and work your way through the correct path! 

Near the maze there's plenty of space for sleeping bags if you'd like the ability to spawn in, alternatively storage for your items is provided in one of the boxes on site if needed! 

Food for the maze runners is provided as well as a flashlight once you make your way through the first door.

Prizes for this month's maze:
1st finish:  1 golden egg and 2 supply drops
2nd finish: 1 golden egg
3rd finish: 2 supply drops
4th finish: 1 supply drop

Prizes for the winners will be handed out during the January wipe!

Everyone is welcome to join us on US Pure for some maze fun, and we look forward to seeing you there!

1223 maze out.png

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