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US Pure Ban - yeetyeet1234

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Offender: yeetyeet1234     Battlemetrics     Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 12:49am eastern
Length: Permanent 
Reason: Raiding/Stealing
More Info (Optional): A player reported that his Attack helicopter was stolen while they were at outpost. I swiftly went over and was able to see yeetyeet1234 flying it. They read in general chat that I was looking into it and promptly landed the heli and started to run away from it to distance himself from it. 
I sent yeetyeet1234 a console warning informing them that stealing, raiding, harassing and griefing of players, bases and modes of transport are all against the rules and bannable offences. He was also urged to type /rules in chat to avoid future warnings or possible server ban.

When receiving the console warning they said in chat that they almost got away with it admitting to what they did.

After checking on the player again I noticed they acquired a boat and accessed a base that did not belong to them. I went to the base owner and asked if they gave anyone permission to currently be in their base and remove items. The player confirmed that they did not and that yeetyeet1234 did not have permissions to be in the base or have access to it. 

Due to the extremely short duration of time from which yeetyeet1234 stole an attack helicopter and received a warning to then take a boat along with accessing and raiding a players base he made it clear that he had no intention of being a rule abiding member of our RustEZ community and a permanent ban was issued. 







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