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[EU]Pure Banned 91 Pixels


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Offender: 91pixels Steam Battlemetrics
Length: Perm
Reason: Multiple instances of raiding stealing and griefing i had to remove multiple twig floors/ladders he placed to gain acess to player bases. havent documented them sadly 😞 he was warned once to leave others bases alone. on 24/12/2023 3:41 PM and it happened again now. i warned him on english and turkish.

grafik.png.b2c697809ac625e6e76223cc4d2063cd.png20231230222507_1.thumb.jpg.6dac00b3590bad5d8561bd1e7b468ec9.jpg20231230222507_1.thumb.jpg.6dac00b3590bad5d8561bd1e7b468ec9.jpg 20231230222507_1.thumb.jpg.6dac00b3590bad5d8561bd1e7b468ec9.jpg20231230142755_1.thumb.jpg.4f999966ca5964e6a61775070d5bae94.jpg



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