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US Pure ban- MrTurbo

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Offender: MrTurbo     Battlemetrics | Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 2:47PM EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Stealing 
More Info (Optional):

I was called to a players base in game who had reported that someone was inside stealing from them.  Upon teleporting to the player MrTurbo was running off with over 50 of the players berry clones planting them in the ground to waste them as he ran away.  A console warning was sent notifying MrTurbo that stealing was against server rules and to use /rules in chat to become familiar with the server rules. 

After leaving the previous players base MrTurbo went to the neighbor of the previous player and began rummaging through their furnaces and refineries before using a base exploit to enter the players base, at which time i kicked MrTurbo with the message "read the rules and rejoin" as well as sending MrTurbo a console warning in English and German that entering players bases uninvited, harassment, and griefing are all against the server rules and to use /rules in chat to avoid continued rule breaking. MrTurbo was also teleported to the hobo hut to remove them from the area. 

Upon rejoining the server after the kick, MrTurbo suicided and ran straight to the previous players base where he waited to steal that players personal supply drop.  As soon as the supply drop landed MrTurbo took the entire contents of it.  At this point in time i removed all the items from the drop from MrTurbos inventory to return to the owner of the drop and Made the decision to place a permanent ban on MrTurbos account for stealing. 

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