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[EU] Pure Banned nutsack

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Offender: nutsack Battlemetrics;Steam
Server:[EU] Pure
Time:10:14 Gmt+1
Reason: Stealing griefing and Player herassment

i was called in for a simple theft from large furnaces. i took logs , opened the offenders inventory and found alot of wood, frags, charcoal. i returned the loot to the victim. i had a talk with the offender. he sayd sorry, it wont happen again. i even told him to type /rules  . so he decided to come back to the base he was stealing from.

he started to stalk the player by following him. he was asked 4 or 5 times to leave. i asked him to leave the player alone. he refused to leave and contiuned herassing the player. he started throwing down a base right next to the victims base. there was already a structure there with an unprotected tc as i knew and seen this morning so i was curious and checked the tc. he wiped it and was the only one on that .

the player was given more then one chance  to move away but he decided to stay and herass  his victim. thats when i had to step in and get rid of the offender.




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