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[EU] Pure Banned Henry Shuffledown

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Offender: Henry Shuffledown
Server: [EU] Pure
Time: 2:29AM Gmt+1
Length: 30 days
Reason: Stealing, griefing, Severe community disruption
More Info :

i had to wake up to multiple reports of players stating he stole a minicopter, killed a player with it and looted his corpse, then recycling the gear. his batlemetrics chatlogs prove  some severe Toxicity. players were also reporting abusive behaviour via VC

i decided to go with a 30 day ban since hes new to Pure and only played on our modded servers so far.

hope he reforms and wont continue this level of toxicity. next time offense i consider permanent removal or our beloved community



translation:  victim: i just bought the riot skin and you saw me wearing it (// Fly: true)

hes insulting me via Voip and is mad about noone wants to talk to him via voice.

hes recycling my stuff now

he says : he found it on the floor and heres the rule, finders keepers

so all my inventory was now recycled too

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