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US Pure ban- RKF1

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Offender: RKF1     Battlemetrics | Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 1:47 PM EST
Length: 7 Days
Reason: Griefing
More Info (Optional):

on 7/18 RKF1 was console warned after a player had reported their sign outside their base was altered without permission.  The player was notified in the warning that modifying a player's base or structure without permission was a form of griefing and to be sure to type /rules in chat to become familiar with the server rules to avoid any further rule infractions. 

on 7/29 after RKF1 had admitted to some toxic gameplay in global chat a review of their chat logs revealed they had removed some players items with the salvage hammer and harassing players with griefing builds that included significant amounts of windmills and/or searchlights in some instances. RKF1 was sent a warning informing them that harassing and toxic gameplay is a serious offence and not permitted on our servers. This includes building bases with the intent to harass, annoy or impede the gameplay of others. Removing player builds and deployables that do not belong to them.

on 1/16 I logged on to Investigate a situation brought to my attention by RKF1 in which he admitted to entering a player's base that was open to avoid the patrol helicopter and killing a horse he got stuck on to free himself.  After looking into this report what RKF admitted to me all seemed to be correct information, and the base in question was not a clearly marked public area and was set back quite a ways from the main road passing by it.  Taking into account RKF1's warning and play history, as well as their honest admission to their actions in this particular instance where rules were broken, a 7-day ban is being placed on their account in an attempt to curb this type of behavior, with RKF1 hopefully returning to the community after the expiration of their ban as an upstanding, rule-abiding member of our community. 


Screenshot 2023-07-19 185632.png

Screenshot 2024-01-16 110755.png

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I would like to appeal this ban to a 5 day. The sign infringement wasn't malicious just a bit of fun. I realize humor varies... But the rules don't state anywhere I can find that altering signs is prohibited. People can use the "Lock Edits" feature on the sign to prevent this. The rules regarding greifing seem to be very vague and can be interpreted in many ways, and are not definitively explained. I thought greifing was doing something intentionally to harm or ruin gameplay for others. Editing a sign doesn't do either, unless you put up slurs or profanity, of which I did neither. 

I have no excuse for the 7/29 warning. I said what I said.

Yesterday's infraction was hardly griefing, but again is up to interpretation. I at no time intentionally meant to grief anyone. I was informed that trespassing is considered raiding, and I just don't see how that is. Raiding is forcefully or otherwise entering a build with intent to loot. I again didn't do this. I had no intent to loot, and took nothing. It's almost impossible to enforce trespassing. I can build an open build and just not put any signs up, then when people enter it, I can report them?? This is why we always talk about locking your builds. If you don't want people to enter, don't make it so they can. People come through my builds all the time without my permission. Just yesterday someone was swimming in the lower part of my build. They were harmless so no need to report them. I was never asked to leave or anything like that either. I left of my own accord once I was heli safe. Yes, I did get stuck and kill a horse to get unstuck. They must have had about 50 horses, it was ridiculous. I should have told them I killed one of the horses, but at that moment, it didn't seem like they would want to allow me to make it right. 

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  • Staff

Thank you for participating in our ban appeals process. 

Your case was handed over to me for review.

Upon review and further investigation I have reviewed this latest incident and also taken into account your previous gameplay with us. 

Your temp ban is more than just as there is a history of what you call "Fun" that to others who are on the receiving end of that "Fun" is greifing. Which as you know is against the rules and could have resulted in a permanent ban of your account. 

I urge you to review your gameplay on our server, Go over our rules and give careful consideration to how your actions and good fun affects others. 

Your temp ban of 7 days will stand and should there be any further griefing, harassing of players, bases or modes of transport a permanent ban will be issued.

On a personal note... I was disappointed to see this happen. You are not new to our community and should know better. 

I hope to see you when your temp ban is up and strongly advise in looking for alternative ways to have fun that doesn't impede or negatively impact the gameplay of your fellow RustEZ gamers.

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