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[EU] Pure Banned Spankyhank

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Offender: Spankyhank Battlemetrics Steam
Server: [EU] Pure
Time: 00:53 AM
Length: Perm
Reason: Sraiding Griefing Stealing and player Herassment

i was called in by a player for an stolen airdrop.

i went there and found the Player being angry at the Offender(s)(2 guys, one being obv. the leader showing the game to his accomplice) i talked to them explaining the rules as i realized they are german we continued the conversation on german.

i camled down the victim, telling him i am here to sort the situation out. i was polite, calm and relaxed since i sort of knew what was going on .

the Offender  showed some attitude and told me via voice chat "Dude, stop telling me your life story" when i explained the rules in detail, Aka. drops you call in via signal are considered private. taking stuff is considered Stealing. i listened to their side of the story where they admitted they trolled the player with taking the stuff "but they gave it all back " and "i just wanted to show my friend here the game" i told them they can show them the game but within the serverrules.

i left them with a warning for stealing from a Private airdrop, and followed them to their base. in there i found WAY more loot they could potentially have collected within the 3 hours they were playing on the server.

upon examining the surrounding area i found a base they twigged into and looted the place completely dry. i went back to the offender and talked again and issued another warning.they grabbed some stuff, left the base met with the  player wich called me in earlyer bc of that airdrop. they were giving him loot and sayd "ye, we leaving this server anyway". i asked the player to hand me over the stuff since it was potentially raided and needed to be returned to the righful owners.

they met up with another guy wich got his base obliterated by patrol heli.

they started squirting them with a watergun. the other player sayd STOP in chat. they continued. after the second STOP and continued watersprinkling the other player soaking wet i filed the ban. for Herassment along with raiding  and stealing and also to prevent more raided loot being spread into the economy















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I wasn't so much angry as annoyed. I warned them it was mine, they took it anyway. Then they waltzed into my abode and didn't really listen to me. I was saying that I didn't care too much about the contents, just wanted any explosives or scrap if that was in there. They guy just kept talking over me telling me to calm down and claiming I was holding him hostage until he gave me scrap and explosives. Thanks for coming to help, Fly! :)

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