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Banned [EU] Pure HAN SOLO and HAN DUO / TapA ApO ReD

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Offender:HAN SOLO Steam Battlemetrics and HAN DUO Steam   Battlemetrics   TapA ApO ReD Steam Battlemetrics
Server:[EU] Pure
Time: 23:59 GMT+1
Length: PERM
Reason: Trolling, Stealing, Player Harassment, comming back on alt and spamming Chat  with hatespeech commentary

Theese players kept us busy the whole evening

solo spawned, approached straight away a Playerbase following the owner and gone deep on him. then the player called for admin assistance stating a player raided his chests. we arrived and whitnessed the offender making Bold demands like "give me kit and stone and wood i dont have alot of time for farming in the evening after work" and  we sorted out the situation returning the loot to the owner. then he was advised by me to leave te perimeter to give the victim a break. they wouldnt leave and constantly demanding kits or resources. the owner asked him to leave. i also went outside to drag the player away from the base to have a quick chat. he was very upset saying "you have alot of materials and why you dont give me any?" "shitty society"   so i told them in a verry calmly manor they cant do that on here. also telling them the rules on this Server. 

they started to farm up some wood and threw down a 2x2  by the time the second offender arrived and joined the building process. the first offender constantly ran up to the base harassing the owner of the stone base for materials. at that point i issued a mute for Solo.  i watched chat in vanish whilst spectating them . then they apparently realizted solo was muted . his teammate DUO claimed hes sorry and will behave now. so i gave it another shot and revoked the mute. they left the scene starting to make a scrap / component run. i talked again calmly to them stating if they wanna stay on our server they have to follow the rules and stop anoying that player. so i made a deal (i thought) i gave them wood in trade for me able to take down that twig abomitation. they agreed and i went to get some from my base.

soon after they returned to their old spot and started building up again a few meters further.  now they put up laserlights, boomboxes and speakers. when they realized the music wasnt noticable at the victims base DUO threw down a twig foundation, placed a speaker on it and connected it to the boombox. meanwhile SOLO crafted a Megaphone and started calling up on the Baseowner to come out and check out their "Disco"

he checked it out and was obviously not very happy about his newly moved in "neighbours" they continued farming and spamming the megaphone. thats when i decided to put a stop to their  3 hour trolling and harassment journey. they were warned multiple times, decided to willingly disobey the warnings, i gave them, and continued harassing  the player.




// The banned player decided after he got issued the ban to comeback on another account









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