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End of wipe npc activity

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End of wipes are slow and kinda sad. Id really like to see an increased npc presence at end of wipes, like roaming Bradley's jest doing flybys. maybe extra patrol helis also.

Just something to keep it interesting. At one point on AU pure we had 2 patrol helis at the same time, and taking them both was a lot of fun. 

Anyone else agree?


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On Pure, there are limits to what can be done just based on it staying Vanilla. If you find the end of the wipe dull, maybe join one of the modded servers that lst week? At least on US Scourge we hand out M2's like candy by then, and people are throwing helicopters and Brads fairly often. Many people will be grinding for net worth, but the millionaires of the server will have guns and some ammo to spare—specifically to blow having fun with other people. And, personally, I love doing this with new people to test out my heli towers and get their thoughts, even though I'm not a millionaire 🤑

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