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Mini-copter controls (a basic tutorial for absolute beginners)

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These tutorial images were from July 2019, there will be some changes from then. This is not definitive, its just a beginner guide to understand flying controls.

Something that helps with vehicle control is turning mouse sensitivity down. [ESC > Options > Controls > Mouse Sensitivity  ]


Passenger: Can use weapons and look around.

Pilot: Cannot use any weapons, cannot look around (in 2019 pilot could not look around, however they can now with CTRL).


Flying uses WASD controls plus the mouse.

To start flying, press W - this will start the mini-copter and move you vertically up. It also controls the speed of the mini-copter (makes it go faster).


S - will slow the mini and move you vertically down


A - Rotates the mini left.


D - Rotates the mini Right.


Moving your mouse forward will tilt the nose of the mini down, it also helps move you forward.


Move the mouse backwards a little, tilts the nose of the mini up.


Nudge the mouse left a little, and it will tilt it in that direction.


Nudge the mouse right a little, and it will tilt it in that direction.


Hope this helps.





Edited by ScarletFox
Added caveat about mini pilot not being able to look around at the time - this has since changed for the better :D
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