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US Pure Ban - Monstrum

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Offender: Monstrum        Battlemetrics Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: February 3, 2024 10:10 PM
Length: Temp - 5 Days
Reason: Continued Griefing after Warnings
More Info (Optional): Player was warned on 16 Jan about raiding/stealing/griefing on another RustEZ Server. 3 Feb I witnessed Monstrum stealing an air drop and warned them verbally. A follow up official warning was sent. A few minutes later Monstrum accessed another players furnace via base exploit. A temporary ban was issued to ensure the player knows the seriousness of griefing on our servers and to ensure they read the rules before returning. It is hoped that the player can be reformed with this ban and return to RustEZ servers as a valuable and contributing player that doesn't impede or infringe on the gameplay of other.

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The ban should be longer. This guy and another user stole items from from my son’s base and locked him out of his tc. Not real sure how this happen but regardless… we came to this server to enjoy some family time and try to experience PvE. Our expectation is that style of play would be protected but it’s not. What’s even more upsetting is the guy that helped this user was just given a warning. At least this guy got a 5 day ban. This whole thing is irritating. I really enjoyed this server. Guys like this ruin it for others. 

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