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US Scourge ban - Oxxy

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Offender: Oxxy aka 𖀐 , β›½π‚πšπ€πž π‚πšπ«, β›½Cake carts🚬
Battlemetrics Steam
Server: US Scourge
Time: 11:45am aest
Length: Perm
Reason: Griefing, looting.
More Info:
Previous warning: 11/01/2024 11:28 AM. Oxxy was told the tc code to a base and then proceeded to remove all the players build with salvage hammer, looting all the satchels that dropped. Player was given a warning.

Current event: Oxxy claimed they were new to the game and a player in our community gave them the code to their tc. Oxxy took all items and then removed all foundations with a salvage hammer.

Given that the player knows the rules, had a prior warning for the same behavior and the severity of griefing that has continued a perm ban has been issued.

Base destroyed and looted.basepic.thumb.PNG.b0aaf02877fd5e1d004ec85f8af5f6d7.PNGScreenshot2024-02-06at12-02-50PlayerCakecarts-BattleMetrics_LI.thumb.jpg.9437916b17cbafce60f23b7545b8d554.jpg


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