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Hi There Name Is Casey Jaymz & I'm an Affiliated Twitch Streamer from Canada 🍁 & been gaming since the 90's! I'm usually a pretty quiet & well reserved guy yet have no issue with socializing as I'm pretty down to earth like that. Still kinda new to Rust so sticking with PVE for now till I get the hang of the game then I'll make my way into PVP. I'm stoner friendly and only judge others based on their behavior & how they treat others as a whole. I like having fun as well as having good convo's & I do welcome adult humor and the like bc I love joking around with others regardless if it's poking fun for silly mistakes & or fails! Memes are 100% welcomed at my channel so bring'em on!! If this appeals to your type of guy then come on down to the channel & check it out! I appreciate you all for taking the time for me! Looking forward to meeting you all & join me on my journey in Rust bc I plan on being here for quite some time! Those who are into Zodiac & Astrology I'm a Full Fledged Libra ♎ & my star sign is Uranus ⛢ Element is Air & Birthstone is Sapphire. Nationalities are English, French - Canadian, Italian, German & Scottish! (it's quite the mix I know lol) 

Link To Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/caseyjaymz


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