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[EU] Pure Banned Saeed

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Offender: Saeed Battlemetrics Steam
Server: [EU] Pure
Time: 1:42PM GMT+1
Length: Perm
Reason: Griefing
More Info (Optional):


when the player joined the server he looted a sleeper straight away, i tryed to communicate with him but he decided to make a run instead. so i issued a kick. with "please read /rules and come back" when logging back on he was trying to communicate on Arabic? idk. i sent him a F1 with all the rules translated on arabic.

the next day he placed ladders onto a players base . i warned him for griefing.

and admin sudo now shared another ladder placed by this player again. so i checked back with megan and she decided i may file the ban.


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Hello Fly, I apologize for not adhering to the server rules and overlooking the warnings you provided. I also extend my apologies to the players I may have inconvenienced. If possible, please grant me another chance to play on the server. I assure you that I will not violate any server rules going forward.

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rules are easy. "dont do anything to somebody else what you dont want to be done to yourself." that includes griefing, throwing granades at bases, and general pvp behaviour.

i wont accept any of this behavior in the future. i will edit your ban from permanent to temporary. please have a read of the rules before you join our server(s) again.

The rules are located on the Server Info tab. While connected to the server, hit Esc and scroll to the bottom of the server description. You can also access server rules from our Connect page.

On our modded servers you can also type /info in game chat to read the rules.


The ban will be lowered to 30 days from now. the ban will stick until  16.03.2024 1:42 PM

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