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[EU] Survival BAN Appeal

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Hello. I was stupid enough to think another player whose base was almost completely destroyed had stopped playing, not aware that a player's stuff gets destroyed when inactive. the base was next to me and I hadn't seen anyone there for almost a week so I thought the player had stopped playing. I apologize for my ignorance of the rules and was willing to return all the items already when admin confronted me. I didn't mean to ruin it for anyone and I already give things away for free to those in need as I got help when I started. Is there any chance you can lift my ban?


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  • Staff

The player who owns the base has logged on twice daily since wipe, Just because they are not at that location does not mean they are not online or do not want their base. The server purges unwanted bases after 7 days to maintain a clean map. 

Players are not allowed under any circumstances to remove other players items. You did this to the players farm and did it in 2 session in which you then used their items on your base and placed the rest in a personal locked box.

You were not willing to return the items before the admin arrived as you were using said items in your base. Why remove items just to return them?

The ban will not be lifted at this time. We hope when the 2 months is up you will of had time to read the rules and make sure you are ready to follow them.


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