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US Pure ban- PuRe_Snipez

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Offender: PuRe_Snipez          Battlemetrics |Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 4:22AM EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Stealing and Griefing
More Info (Optional): 

on 2/23 while monitoring game chat, I noticed a player making claims that their base was taken over and that they were locked out of their own TC.  Upon investigation, PuRe and a teammate had entered the base via a base exploit and cleared the base owner from his TC then placed his own lock on it, as well as rummaging through every unlocked container within that players base.  At this time a warning was sent notifying PuRe that raiding, stealing, and base griefing are all against the server rules and suggested typing /rules into chat to become familiar with the server rules to avoid future issues.  

After dealing with the previous warning and removing items belonging to PuRe from that players base, I returned to watch PuRe and found them within the high external walls of another players compound openly chatting in voice chat with his teammate about how they were going to continue to look for bases to raid.  Following them for a short while longer, i found PuRe attempting to enter another players base via base exploit.  Once PuRe gained access to the base they again began rummaging through unlocked containers and furnaces/refineries before accessing that players vehicle lift and removing the lock from the vehicle on the lift.  At this time a kick from the server was issued with the message to "read the rules and rejoin".  PuRe and their teammate were removed from the area and another warning was sent notifying PuRe that stealing, raiding, and base griefing were against the server rules and that any further infractions could result in a ban from our servers.  PuRe was again urged to type /rules in chat to avoid further issues or a ban.  

on 2/25 while investigating an unrelated issue, it was discovered that roughly 15 hours after the two prior warnings for stealing and base griefing PuRe accessed another players base via base exploit and authorized on their TC.  Given the amount of time on our server along with the numerous instances of raiding, stealing, and griefing carried out by PuRe, showing their continued disregard for the server rules and other players enjoyment of the game, a Permanent ban was placed on their account.

Screenshot 2024-02-23 000920.png

Screenshot 2024-02-23 002113.png

Screenshot 2024-02-25 032048.png

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