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US Pure ban- ooo

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Offender: ooo     Battlemetrics | Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 9:52PM EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Griefing
More Info (Optional):

on 10/7/21 ooo was warned for stealing loot from another players dead body.  ooo was asked to type /rules in chat to review and become familiar with the server rules to prevent and further infractions.  

on 10/15/21 ooo griefed another players base and again was given a verbal and console warning (sent in English and Chinese) reminding them of the rules on our server, and how to use /rules in chat to review the server rules and prevent further incidents. 

on 10/16/21 ooo was warned again for harassing neighbors with spotlights by aiming them directly at their base.  ooo was again sent a warning in Chinese and English letting them know this behavior would not be tolerated and any further rule infraction may lead to a ban from our servers. 

on 1/10/24 ooo built a base directly beside bandit camp and outfitted it with active SAM sites that were shooting down players as soon as they would attempt to leave bandit with newly purchased helicopters.  While investigating this ooo was seen watching his sam sites target and destroy other players helicopters and made no effort of his own to remedy the situation.  After the SAM's were disabled ooo was sent a console warning in English and Chinese letting him know turrets will now target other players after our change back to the community tab, and that killing other players/destroying their modes of transportation is against server rules. 

on 3/9/2024 ooo was found to have twigged onto another players base to gain entry and was found on the logs of the players furnaces within their compound.  After a review of their history on our server and the continued disregard for server rules even after being given many chances to be an upstanding member of the community, the decision was made to place a permanent ban on their account.  



Screenshot 2024-03-09 205124.png

Screenshot 2024-03-09 211335.png


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我记得第一次用聚光灯瞄准邻居是因为他先在我基地旁边建领地柜 他家顶上的聚光灯也是瞄准我的基地的 那时候只是不知道怎么举报问题 

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Building onto other players bases that are not on your team is still against the server rules along with all the other infractions on your account previously.  

we went above and beyond in sending warnings in your native language letting you know how to access the server rules, as well as giving you extra chances given the amount of time between your early warnings and the most recent ones and you continued to break the server rules.

At this point in time the ban will not be lifted.  We wish you the best of luck finding a server that is better suited to your play style.

在不属于您团队的其他玩家基础上进行建设仍然违反服务器规则,以及您帐户之前的所有其他违规行为。 我们不遗余力地以您的母语发送警告,让您知道如何访问服务器规则,并考虑到您的早期警告与最近的警告之间的时间间隔以及您继续破坏服务器的情况,为您提供额外的机会规则。 目前该禁令不会解除。我们祝您好运,找到更适合您游戏风格的服务器。

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