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[EU] Banned: Red, TigerLily and your mom.

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Offenders: Red, TigerLily and your mom
Steam IDs: 76561199429190904, 76561199485329762 and 76561199134692395
Server: [EU] Pure
Time: 12:52 pm GMT
Length: Perm
Reason: Excessive raiding, stealing, building into other people's bases, locking people out of TC and ladder spamming.
More Info (Optional): A group of 3 (unsure about Your Mom, but the evidence links them together). Spent several hours raiding 15+ people, using ladders, triangle floors, exploiting open windows, etc... 


evidence 1.jpg

evidence 2.jpg

evidence 3.jpg

evidence 4.jpg

evidence 5.jpg

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