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Banned [EU] Pure z5

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Offender:z5 Battlemetrics Steam
Server: [EU]Pure
Time: 10:11 PM
Length: Perm
Reason: misogyny, racism and toxicity
More Info (Optional):

player calld in admin support for an "emergency"



i teleported to him, and asked whatsup? he sayd "hi bro, can you spawn me a mini" as i denyed the request he asked for a gun. i handed him my personal python with the words : 6 shots, make them count" he emptied the bullets in my head, demanding more bullets. i explained patiently , all players start with a rock and a torch. and me giving him a python is more he could have asked for.

his reply was something along : "i am not that kind of guy wich takes any advices from any bitch ass n**"yea. frances teleported on me. i was already filing the ban for racism. i told him hes lucky i only have what i have heared and no other staff member is here to whitness. i asked in dc whos on me. frances showed up and was directly confronted with toxicity and misogyny "aww hell nah i dont talk to that B*tch* and was again asking for favours. frances then also repyed we not spawn anything for players. and after he called her a b*ich wich doesnt belong into a game, i filed the ban.

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