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Banned EU Pure - LEAFBOY

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Offender: LEAFBOY      Battlemetrics | Steam
Server: Rust EZ [EU Pure PVE]
Time: 03:10 CET
Length: permanent
Reason: grieving and stealing other players and harassment

More info: He made trouble in chat the entire evening/night. Was spamming and harassing his new found teammate. He walked into a players base and tried to destroy his car. The Admin "Fly" already talked to him and gave him a last chance before ban for that. After Fly left he started again, stole the car of his teammate and changed codes. Final nail in the coffin was That his teammate reached out by reporting him for stealing his car. LEAFBOY wrote in chat again "pussy bitch". I kicked him first. When he came back he was all fired up and wrote in the chat that he will never stop calling us words before he gets banned. He went towards me, told me to shut the fuck up et cetera. I tried to talk him out, he didn't stop so a ban sadly was the last option.

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  • sudo changed the title to Banned EU Pure - LEAFBOY

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