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Key Bind for "Loot All" or to toggle "Auto Loot"?

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First I do want to say: Auto Loot is so fast, it is Awesome!!

but there is cases where I'm getting to run out of space (I'm not a horder, your a horder 😄 ) and I dont want to throw loot everywhere, as it can be hard to pick back up out of a pile of scientists!
In these case I switch off "Auto Loot" and using the "loot All" button, but I'm a huge fan of Quality of Life and was thinking how handy it would have "Loot All" bound to ctrl+h (as I have hover loot on a mouse button).

I'm hoping that there is a command that is behind that button that I can bind?
If this is part of a plug-in that you dont maintain, please direct me to them and I'll request it there,

Or Happy to help test if this is something you can help me with.

thanks 🙂

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