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US Pure Ban - Winston

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Offender: Winston     Battle Metrics     Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 10:23 am eastern
Length: Permanent
Reason: Griefing, Harassment
More Info (Optional): Winston was first warned on 03/14/2024 when he accessed a players base and stealing items from within that base. He was then Kicked with instruction to read the rules before rejoining. As he was continually harassing the player he was stealing from.

A console was also issued on 03/14/2024 informing the player that raiding, stealing, harassing and griefing of players, bases, deployables as well as modes of transport were all against the rules and if continued will result tin a ban from our servers.

When they logged back in on 03/18/2024 they went to another players base and started griefing and harassing that player through their gameplay as well as verbally through VC.

Winston accessed that players base destroyed a few modes of transport while mocking that player. He then picked all the players crops while still verbally abusing and harassing that player refusing to leave the players base.

When Winston finally left the base he stayed outside of it and continued to harass and annoy the base owner. He then proceeded to make false allegations to the base owner further distressing that player.

Winston has shown complete disregard to the servers rules as well as the progression of members of our RustEZ community.

Winston has been given ample chances and time to read the servers rules and play according to them but instead opted to continue his toxic gameplay ruining and impacting time on the server for others.

Due to their disregard for our rules and members of the community that were affected by him a permanent ban was issued.






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