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Hello, name is xCEEYAx.  I spent a good amount of time on RustEZ and I will say it was very enjoyable while I was able to play on the RustEZ servers. Always things to do, exciting people to interact with and plenty of work to do on the base also a bunch of servers to have fun on. I would enjoy being able to play on RustEZ freely as most others are able to do but I am banned and this is the reason I am here. I am requesting the RustEZ team to remove the Ban on my account.  I am not here to hurt anyone nor am I here to bother others. I am mearly online to play videos games just as the next person is. I want to enjoy my time online and have fun.  This ban you placed on my account is honestly to much... Please Death, Remove this ban so life can move on.

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  • Staff

Hello xCEEYAx and thank you for participating in our Ban appeals process.

Your time on our RustEZ servers as well as our Discord has shown numerous displays of disruptive behavior and gameplay.

Your actions and attitude directly affected the gameplay of those around you who join our servers and expect a safe space where they can play and enjoy without harassments and the toxic behavior most rust servers are known for.

The RustEZ staff attempted on numerous occasions to talk with you and work through the various issues that were continuing to happen to no avail.
You were given ample time and chances (more than most) to correct your gameplay and even after receiving a ban that was overturned continued to harass, annoy and be disruptive resulting in your ban being reinstated and permanent.

You have shown no remorse for your actions or gameplay. 

I truly hope you find a server that is better suited to your personality and gaming style but RustEZ is not it. 

We wish you the best of luck on your future gaming endeavors.


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If you think banning me is Just then you have some serious Issues as a Suppoced Role model. You obviously didnt do your research at the time of the altercation. I will not stand for someone to come around and cause me to get in trouble and then the  team that is suppoced here to support players act so toxic towards myself.  You evidently have never heard of people getting stream sniped. Yeah sure its PVE but when people are following you and are being toxic towards you and the Admin team wont recognize that then its not my probelm anymore. Its the problem of your Mind not understand what is really going on. And here I set banned because you are blind to what was really going on. 

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  • Staff

While I appreciate your constructive criticism towards myself and the admin team we will take your words under advisement moving forward however it still does not change your lack of understanding on what your attitude, behavior and actions/gameplay negatively impacted others.

Your ban is justified and valid across all RustEZ servers and will remain in place.

I truly hope you find a server with a better admin/support team in place but at this time RustEZ will not be it. 

Good luck on your future gaming endeavors.

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