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US Pure Ban - BloodyxMan

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Offender: BloodyxMan     Battle Metrics      Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 03/20/2024 3:36 PM Eastern
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding
More Info (Optional): BloodyxMan was first warned on 03/16/2024 when they entered a base and stole items from a player who was offline.
They were warned and informed of the server rules and what would happen should they continue to break those rules.

I was summoned by a player who was quite distraught for being raided on 3/20/202 by BloodyxMan.

After a thorough investigation I found that BloodyxMan had taken an astronomical amount of loot from that player/teams base as well as from their bodies while they were offline and a modular vehicle which was found along with the players items in BloodyxMan base.

Due to the gaming history if BloodyxMan and his disregard for the rules after given him ample opportunity to abide by the server rules it was decided a permanent ban would be placed for Raiding/Stealing.

Due to the large quantity of logs I have only put some. Rest available upon request.





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I request my unban [us] pure PvE to be able to play the server. I give my word that I will follow the rules and now I am aware of the consequences.

I ask for one last chance and I apologize again for my mistakes.

atte: BloodyxMan.  I am an active player. thank you.

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  • Staff

Hello and thank you for participating in our ban appeals process.

You were warned prior to your ban to ensure you were aware of the server rules and give you an opportunity to abide by the rules and remain a part of our rule abiding community. 

Your actions do have consequences. You raided numerous bases and took advantage of base exploits to gain entry.

Our server is PvE and rules are clearly stated on our splash page, discord, website and ingame using the /rules function. 

Your ban at this time will not be lifted. 

Good luck on your future gaming endeavors. 

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I'm asking for one last chance to return to the server. I'm not going to break the rules again.

I want to play rust but you guys won't let me. I didn't even know they had warned me. I'm new to rust.

I have already apologized for my mistakes, I will not make them again.

I just ask for one last chance, thank you.

please don't ignore me


atte: BloodyxMan

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  • Staff

You were warned on 03/16/2024 after you entered a base that was not yours and stole items from a player who was offline. That warning informed you that raiding and stealing was against the rules. You would have also been urged in that warning to type /rules in chat for rules we all must follow in order to remain on the server and to also avoid any further warnings or ban should you steal or raid again.

That warning was your chance.

on 3/20/2024 a player reported their base and personal inventory were raided while they were offline. Your name was the one on the logs and items were recovered in your base.

You raiding and stealing from players and bases on a PvE server where rules are plainly stated AFTER you received a warning is not in any way our fault.

Your ban is the consequence to your decision to steal on a server where stealing is not permitted. 

your ban is justified and will remain in place.

I wish you the best of luck finding a server that is better suited to your gameplay.

- Northstarz


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Good evening Northstarz, this will be my last appeal. With all my heart I apologize for my bad behavior and if I returned to your server I would not break the rules again. I ask you to think about my unbanning. I really want to play on your server again without breaking the rules. :,C

We all make mistakes in life, but that doesn't mean we have to pay for them for the rest of our existence. Sometimes good people make bad decisions. This does not mean that they are bad, it simply means that they are human.

Be careful: they raided me too

atte: BloodyxMan

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  • Staff

If you and your teammate were raided you should have reported it. From my logs when I was investigating the only names on your belongings belonged to your team.

People make bad choices; You are absolutely right. It doesn't make them bad people. However actions have consequences and this ban is yours.

There is nothing left I can type that I haven't done already.

Your ban will remain in place at this time.

I wish you luck on your future gaming endeavors.

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