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unban requirement

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Hello, my name is BloodyxMan, I was banned for stealing from players. I didn't know that the rules had serious consequences. I'm new to Rust and I'm just realizing it. They say that they notified me and warned me but I was not even aware that they had forgiven me. I would like to return to the [us] pure PvE server, you are respecting the rules and apologizing in advance for the problems I caused to some of the players. I really liked the server. Please request unbanning. I will not break the rules again. atte: BloodyxMan

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I request my unban [us] pure PvE to be able to play the server. I give my word that I will follow the rules and now I am aware of the consequences.


I ask for one last chance and I apologize again for my mistakes.

atte: BloodyxMan.  I am an active player. thank you

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