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US Pure Ban - SUMUL

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Offender: Sumul        Battlemetrics Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 22 March 24 2106h EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Player Harrassment and Griefing
More Info (Optional): Player has received warnings 16 March and 17 March for stealing/griefing and advised to read and follow server rules to avoid a ban. 22 March player was witnessed by admin to be actively harassing other players and had to be kicked to stop the harassment. After reviewing their history I have decided that warnings as a corrective measure are ineffective with this player and that the player has no intention to follow server rules. Their continued play on RustEZ servers will only lead to additional toxic game play and detract from game enjoyment for others. Player is encouraged to seek out servers where their style of gameplay is acceptable.

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