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Bandit Camp Infinite Restock


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I'm a player from SEA, and I love RustEZ servers! I started playing in AU, moved to JP to have lower ping, and I've enjoyed the experience since.

My question is, did the March "Lighting the Way" update/wipe remove the infinite restock thing in Bandit Camp? Back then I used to buy a shit-ton of Scrap in exchange for my Fertilizers, all in one drone. I do the same with Pickles so my horses have like, a thousand pickles in their troughs! Now I can only buy 34 instances max, then have to wait for it to restock again. I really want to buy in huge bulks again - it makes my stables become ultimate Scrap generators.

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Hello! This was removed a little over a week ago. The infinite vendor stock was meant to be removed from the Pure servers when they moved back to the community tab in December or January. It was accidentally still running and once we were made aware, we had to remove it in order to keep the servers on the community tab:


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Ah well that's kinda sad. Infinite stock made the whole role-playing thing much easier for me as I could buy stuff in bulk, like Pickles for my horses. I do hope they allow it! It's only PvE servers...

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