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Thanks for taking the time to submit an appeal.

As you can see here in your ban report, you've been given multiple chances to abide by the server rules.

With each warning, you were informed that what you did broke the server rules and advised to review all of the rules in order to prevent further issues. Considering the number of times you were caught stealing from other players, the very short duration you've been banned, and the lack of effort put forth in your appeal, your ban will not be lifted at this time.

I wish you luck in finding a server more suited to your playstyle.


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  • Staff

Hello Billy,

While I appreciate the apology, it's important to remember that actions have consequences. You were given ample opportunity to play by the rules and instead chose to ruin the gameplay of others; this ban is now the consequence of those choices. At this time, your ban will remain in place.


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