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Banned: Kuma and seren_0312

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Time: 9:07 PM PST

Length: Permanent

Reason: Raiding/Looting/Griefing

More Info: I was helping another player when I teleported to a backpack and discovered that the victim's base was nearly completely broken down by what I deduced to be helicopter rockets. The backpack in question was under the foundations, and didn't belong to the owner of the base. Upon further inspection I found anything that wasn't locked to be looted by seren, and also found the sleeping bag renamed. Kuma showed up and I questioned them on it, but got no response. I then teleported to seren and questioned them on it, the answers I got back were that they didn't do anything. They went back to the base and continued to seem dodgy about even looking through the boxes. I told them that I would close the base up and have the victim say if anything is missing. Since Seren is the only name on the loot log and they were saying they did nothing, I would then ban them if anything was stolen. This received more silence and dodgy behavior. I began to close the base off after telling them to return anything they stole if they did, and Kuma logged off inside. Seren also logged off in their base across the street. Given the renaming of the bag, the backpack under the foundations, the names on the lootlogs of everything not locked, I'm banning them. Kuma also has 2300 hours in Rust, so they are not new to the game or the ability to raid a base with a helicopter.












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