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Banned: Dr. Howie Feltersnatch

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Time: 1845 EST

Length: Permanent

Reason: Racism/Harrassment/TC clearing/Looting/Stealing

More info: this guy hit the Ban-Grand-Slam: Racism(Repeated use of N Word in voice), Player Harassment, Breaking into Bases, and Stealing. @AlyCat was following them and told us to keep an eye on this player because of their use of the N word in voice, she warned them that we do not allow that word here. I then turned on OBS to record them and they quickly entered another players home cleared the TC and peaked into their boxes( i dont know if they stole from this player). They left this base and ran across the street to another players home where they harrassed the player and called them a "motherf**ker" repeatedly until the players in tthe house opened their door and he ran inside and looted some items from a box upstairs. AlyCat and i both appeared they player ran away screaming and again used the N word. They have been banned permanently.






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The incident prior to this one was when the banned player climbed through the windows of another player's base and proceeded to steal their belongings. I appeared on scene, startling the thief, and told them to return what they stole while informing them that stealing wasn't allowed on the server. He said that he was black so he could steal, and told me he could be my "sexy b*tch". He repeatedly used the N racial slur and said motherf**ker, to which I informed him that he wasn't to say the n slur either since we don't tolerate that kind of language. He stopped, and I told him to leave the player's base because he was STILL running in and out of it. He left after asking the victim if he was harassing him (to which a yes was answered). I took screenshots, and left. I teleported to the thief and he was watching from the bushes and proceeded to creep around under the player's base and by the windows before he left to do the above incident resulting in the ban.



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