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  1. "Eat your head" -edit- Possibly test out filming with debug camera, could get some good effects
  2. Happened on US Pure as well, player was in their base and heli safe but heli would not unaggro. Stayed in area until despawn time but upon flying out to despawn made 2 rocket runs on another players base while he was safe inside and crafting. Noticed the weird behavior, Smokey and myself tested a twig 1x1 and heli kept aggro on me but not a single shot fired. It was a "natural" spawn that should've given up and sought out its next target.
  3. Player: EXTRIX https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/players/799701761 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198203697639 Reason: Banned for Toxicity, Hate Speech, Harassment, Looting, and Theft. 8:22 PM EXTR1X: how do you craft a dildo 8:22 PM EXTR1X: lmao 8:33 PM EXTR1X: whats up hoe 8:36 PM EXTR1X: nothibg 8:36 PM EXTR1X: no sir 8:37 PM EXTR1X: do you have anything for me 8:39 PM [ezStore] Messaged EXTR1X: Your inventory was full! 8:40 PM EXTR1X: yall are gay 8:40 PM EXTR1X: hate this server 8:40 PM EXTR1X: suck my dick 8:41 PM EXTR1X: me and my friend got caught stealing stuff 8:41 PM EXTR1X: go suck some dick 8:41 PM Player EXTR1X was kicked (toxic) by tribrats. 8:41 PM EXTR1X left the server
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